Reddit Gifts – An experiment

Update 3: Card giftee really enjoyed their card and the TARDIS:

And Secret Santa giftee enjoyed their gift (no pictures though):

annd I got my gift just in time for Christmas:

The experiment was successful and taught me that I should be patient haha, I love the tea I recieved and can’t wait to enjoy it, and I love that I was able to cheer someone up on a stressful day.

Result: Success! Would do again!

update 2! Giftee has responded! Can’t wait to see how they enjoy the gift 🙂

Update: gift santa has pulled my information! Excitement building 🙂  hopefully this experiment will prove more fun 🙂

A few months ago, while surfing the interweb, I stumbled upon the reddit gift exchange. After many hours of research and looking at various gifts that people have sent over the years (including Bill Gates), I decided to sign up. I love giving gifts and if I got a gift out of it, it would be a bonus. As the days got closer to the exchange, I got more and more excited as to who I would get matched with… would it be someone who liked roller derby like me? would it be a girl or a boy, and would they like the random things that I would purchase and send to them.


I chose not to get matched internationally, just based on the exorbitant shipping costs here in Canada, so I knew for sure that my giftee would be from Canada.

Matching day came around and I was matched with a girl who liked Harry Potter among other interests like travelling and the colour green. I messaged my giftee and put a whimsical spin on things, but got very little in a response back from her… so I pressed on, and went to the mall the following night to purchase gifts for what is, a complete stranger. I found lovely things based on her interests, even added in a little treat for her furry friend that she had listed on her interests and happily went home to package up what I thought would be a wonderful gift for anyone to receive.

Meanwhile, on the other side of things, I was anxiously awaiting the moment where my own santa would pull my information and ask me questions about my interests. I had long since shipped my gift away, but my own santa had not even pulled my information. As the days wore on, and more and more gifts were posted on the gallery, I felt like a little kid that was on the outside looking in.

I knew that there was a chance that I would get someone who wasn’t like me, who was in for just receiving a gift and not giving one, but as the number of matches received kept going up, the feeling of being left out kept growing.

I then signed up for the Holiday Card Exchange, because hey! I make cards and I would love for them to bring joy in someone’s day. I signed up to be an international match for someone, and got someone in Seattle (not as exotic of a location as I had hoped), but I made and sent them a card just the same. This time, my own holiday card santa pulled my information, but only once, and has since not marked the card as shipped (the deadline was yesterday).

My own gift to my giftee was delivered this week, a few days earlier than I had anticipated… and now I’m anxiously awaiting their post to see if they enjoyed their overstuffed gift full of chocolate and good intentions. I even dropped a message to them, wishing them a happy holiday in the hopes that they would respond and say that they enjoyed the gift, but days have gone by and I still have not received any messages back.

I’m not going to lie, as fun as it was to give gifts and make cards which did bring me some holiday joy, I can’t help but feel a shred of sourness between my giftee who didn’t seem grateful at all to my first santa not even bothering to pull my information, to another one who hasn’t even mailed a card yet (to my knowledge). I know that this wasn’t the aim of the Reddit gift exchange, and I am still willing to try it again next year… the first round of this experiment is not yielding any fully happy results.

That said, the exchange is still in full swing, and there is still lots of time, so like a little kid, I’ll wait by the window for my santa (and update the post accordingly!)

– until then…


PS. I think I got sucked into the world of reddit, and love reading /r/lego among other good things to read…


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