Dear 2016…

Well, here we are.. the end of yet another year – another spin around the sun.

I suppose I can safely say that I walk out of 2016 with almost nothing that I walked into 2016 with.

New job, new place, new relationship, new car.

Well… there are a few things I leave 2016 with – the support of fantastic friends that have helped me through the hard times this year.

I could wax endlessly about how 2016 has been quite the year in my life – but I have to admit.. sometimes I get tired of thinking about EVERYTHING that happened this year. It’s been quite the year for everyone it seems – new relationships, relationships ending, new accomplishments, new life, life passing on, yeah.. it’s just another year.. but for some reason 2016 just felt like such a compressed amount of insanity in the world for just one year.

I want to leave the year with positivity – because I think at the end of the day, life is what we make of it, we can look upon 2016 as a negative thing, or a transformative year!

Awesome things that happened in 2016 in the world around me:

  • My Scion(blackhatchback) bro – did a fitness competition and did awesomely! Super proud of her, and I can’t wait to see her kick some butt in May.
  • Our new class of Fresh Meats in the OKRD did amazing this year – and so proud of my Derby Mom and her wife (Slam and Shady) for stepping up and becoming a great source of leadership in the league
  • Susan – became a published author! So excited for her future books and really happy to see someone’s passion brought to life
  • My parents got to go back to the Philippines for the first time in 20ish years, and it looks like they had a fantastic time!
  • 2 of my close friends got married this year! Happy Weddings to Annky and Emily! (and a shoutout to Matt from Mitsunation Winnipeg for his nuptials this year too!)
  • One of my friends got Engaged – Congratulations to E and Brian!
  • Meanbean got WFTDA certified for NSO’ing and NSO’ed a regional WFTDA tournament in Vancouver!
  • Derby wife got to meet her musical hero this year and it looked like she had an epic time!
  • Manic finished a few marathons and is a machine!!
  • Shady Lady is making herself a derby baby and I can’t wait to meet them 😀
  • Calgary Roller Derby Allstars kicked all the butts at the WFTDA D2 playoffs and brought home a bronze medal!
  • Tidbit – my doppelganger – made it to the second round of Team Canada Tryouts!
  • Babies! – Holly go Blightly (Melissa), Bane, Prim, and Homestar all produced some cute little kidlets this year!
  • Transfer skaters – The OKRD gets to welcome some fantastic transfer skaters this year – Betty Bomber, FN Classy, and Roc-A-Felon!
  • Lots of friends have found happiness and strength in finding new paths in their lives and I am so happy to be part of their journey.

All this awesome this year and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us!

What are your awesome moments from 2016?

-until then…





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