The great Chef’s Plate experiment

You’ve seen the ads on facebook, they proclaim fresh groceries and a meal kit delivered to your door once a week with delicious recipes to try. For ~$50/ week, you can feed 2 people twice a week.

I tossed the idea of Chef’s plate back and forth in my head to try out, or not. at $50/week it’s a little pricey – but with the bonus of trying new recipes, it may work out to be an education in cooking (albeit a very self-taught education).

I signed up, but didn’t buy any meals until the “Filipino Chicken Adobo” landed in my inbox, and then it was time to try it out. I ended up finding a coupon code online to get 2 plates for free (essentially a free meal), and anxiously awaited the delivery of the box of food.img_20170228_124818

(PS – if you’re interested in trying this service out, check out my referral link which offers you 3 free plates with your first order:

The box showed up on Tuesday afternoon, it was really well packaged – it’s a fridge-type box so there’s all manners of padding and an ice pack within the box to keep your food fresh.


Each meal is pre-packaged and pre-portioned in the box. They come in separate paper bags and labeled clearly which ingredients go with which meal, it also comes with a recipe card for your meals.


The first meal to be attempted was the Montreal seasoned pork tenderloin with honey glazed sweet potato wedges and a radish salad.


Prep was simple, follow the instructions well and you can’t go wrong. After all was said and done, ended up with a pretty decent dinner that I made myself!


Would I continue to use this service? At $25/meal for 2 people (and you have to order 2 meals per week), it’s not super cheap, but it’s a nice way to try new dishes and cooking techniques and I think that’s a win right there. I don’t plan on doing this weekly, but if there’s a dish that piques my interest, I will definitely use this service again!

As far as the health factor, it all depends on what you order. This week I ordered the pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes and a salad – which wasn’t terribly unhealthy. The second meal I ordered was the Filipino Chicken Adobo – I plan on substituting brown rice for the white rice. There are healthy (and vegetarian) options on their weekly menus, so it may be a good option for those looking to clean up their eating.

They also carry a family option – which I did not try out, but looks to be a great way to get the kidlets involved in food prep and for everyone in the familia to try new dishes.

Up next is the chicken adobo experiment, let’s see if it measures up to my family’s food!

If you’re interested in trying the service, check out my referral link and get a few plates for free –

Until then..



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