Blog Update – New Layout and New Categories

As you can see, I’ve gone over the blog with a purple crayon and refreshed it with a new look for 2017! I figured it was finally time to update the blog with something new and fun, so here we are, embracing the chaos of my multitude of interests, activities and identities.

I’ve also added a new category called “Training Block”  – a home for my own personal pet project, fitness and training. I’ve been in the world of fitness for a long time, but really took to it in the past few years and really enjoy training and helping people reach their goals.  In “Training Block” you’ll find workouts I do with the OKRD (Okanagan Roller Derby), derby drills, nutrition (a big thing I need to work on) and various other musings about health, fitness AND wellness!

Other things in the works:

  • The Angry Jellybean gets angrier (2016 Fiesta ST Build)
  • When a filthy casual gamer tries competitive Overwatch (and possibly the birth of a horrible horrible twitch channel? )
  • .. maybe more video game blogs (do people read those?)
  • Reviews, reviews, reviews – subscription boxes, movies, games, make-up.. anything I can get my grubby little hands on and feel like writing about
  • … annd much more! (oh gosh why..)

As always, I’ll be blogging about my adventures in crafts, food, music, roller derby and life in general! With life adventures taking new paths as of late, I figured why not write about all the exciting new things and keep on keeping on!

Until then…



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