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I am thelancergirl… better known to some as Mel.. and others as Blair Block.  I started this blog to document and reflect on my new adventures in my new home, and to share with family, friends and the world…the randomness that I think about daily. I am a web designer by trade, but I also have a love for writing and card making. Along the way, I picked up the tuner bug  in 2006 with the purchase of my 2006 Ralliart, Betty. Betty and I have shared some great moments, reviving the Calgary Lancer scene, learning how to drive stick, and drag racing at Race City.  I also own a 1979 Ford Pinto, her name is Wilma, and she reminds me that driving should be fun!

My 2006 Ralliart, Betty

My 2006 Ralliart, Betty

Upon moving to British Columbia, I’ve found a new interest in playing in the kitchen (nobody makes fun of me here, or else they don’t eat!) I like to poke around online for recipes and new things to try and do, as well  as healthy foods that look and taste as yummy as their un-healthy counterparts!

My number one passion is the sport of Roller Derby… a perfect fusion of my passions of days gone by (short-track speed skating and pro-wrestling). Derby has helped me make friends in my new town, and focus my energy on making a few girls asses and arms purple… I currently skate as a PB’nJ (Pivot, Blocker and Jammer) for the Apple Smacks of the OKRD, and I hope that one day I’ll get to skate in the Roller Derby World Cup! I have spent the past 7 years playing derby, and it’s one of the best things to ever happen in my life, I look forward to even more!

I hope you join the adventure!

Thanks for reading!


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