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Moving like the speed of sound…

… feet can’t keep on the ground. Can’t stay in one place. Keep moving like a bullet train…

… like a bullet train.


Life moves quickly, summer moved so quickly.

My life has gone through quite a bit of change this year, new derby team, new job.. new everything.

I made the difficult decision to end a relationship this year. Something that I had been thinking about for a very long time. I wish I could say it was a mutual decision, but it wasn’t. Each day I sit with the weight of my decision on my shoulders, 6 years of a life that’s now black and white and in the past, like a limb that’s since gone numb, it’s there.. but it doesn’t move.  I realize how selfish I was in making that decision, but know that at the end of the day – I needed to make myself happy and healthy and find myself in a good place.


I moved out of our house, and stayed with a friend for 3 weeks as I went on an odyssey of sorts.

I flew out to Calgary and helped my family move and decompressed and reminisced about my old life before marriage – the family, the friends. I hung out with my high school friends – the commune – and had a fantastic morning of brunch, pokewalks, froyo and macarons. The weekend filled my heart with messages of support and just the overall presence of amazing people in my life.

Then it was Rollercon.

Oh, Rollercon.

It was amazing. Simply amazing. Skate park with derby heroes, skating with and against derby heroes.. crossing things off of my derby bucket list. Shooting a Barrett M107A1 sniper rifle in the morning and then playing ALL the derby in the afternoon! I was so amazed that I could keep up with such high level skaters and not die, and did I mention I got to announce a few games? It was so much the amazing experience. I just remember standing in the middle of the main hall one day and smiling to myself about how incredible it was to finally be there.

Then it was a week to find a place, which I did. Spent the rest of the week acquiring furniture and then suddenly it was off to Cloverdale to play against the Smokin’ Laces.. and boy, it was a tough game for me. It was my first away game where I knew I wouldn’t be coming home to the same house at the end of the weekend and not only that, my co-captain Ruby Roughhouser, had also broken her leg before the game. It was.. mentally and physically tough to play, but I finished the game with a smile on my face.. ready to take a bit of a break.

At that point I was starting to feel very much like a hobo, traveling was wearing on me and I just wanted a place to hang my hat at the end of the day.

Moved into my new place the week after the Cloverdale game.. and it was off to Victoria for a family reunion… and what a reunion it was. Note to self, bring earplugs! It was wonderful to see family again, especially family I don’t see very often. Getting to do a  road trip with my Brother and his family was great.

I got to stand on a ferry and look out into the ocean and think about how much life has changed in the past year, even in just the past month and how much it’s going to keep changing.

The only constant in life is change.

I realized that I did make the right decision – and though it still weighs on me, it weighs a little less and less each day. My anxiety lessens each day and I smile a little bit more and more, I finally feel like I can be myself and not feel like I have to filter my personality.

I’ve had such a life-changing summer, and it’s been quite the adventure… sometimes I look back on my instagram photos and facebook posts and I still can’t even fathom the things I’ve done… I hope there’s only more on the horizon.

Until then..




A Decade of Destruction

I’ve kind of hummed and hawed over what I wanted to write here… turning 30 seems like this weird foreign thing that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around… but at the same time, age is only a number.

If I could go back and have a conversation with myself on that 20th Birthday, I would tell myself a few things:

  • Your real friends are the ones who stick around no matter what. No matter if you come and go and find new friends, your true friends are the ones who will welcome you back every time, they don’t judge you (though they might make light of your life choices). They become your second family, and sometimes know you better than you know yourself. Those friendships will help you grow and you’ll realize how amazing those people in the next few years.
  • Relationships do not define who you are. Yes, a relationship may seem important, but who you are with does not define you. A good relationship can add purpose to your life, but it shouldn’t be the only purpose you have.
  • You are who you choose to be. In the past 10 years, I’ve been able to explore so many different opportunities because I’ve followed my passions. “Cars aren’t your entire life?” , “Skating is just a phase?” I guess I’m not very good at listening, because I followed my passions. I’ve gotten to work within an industry that I’ve always wanted to, I even got to try out for a national team (and I plan on doing it again). Follow your heart, find your feet and you’ll be impressed where you end up.
  • Find someone who makes you the best version of you that you can be. Yeah, sometimes it can be a headache, and sometimes he seems like a pain in the ass, but without him, I don’t know where I would be. Dave has this way of pushing me out of my comfy bubble, he knows how competitive I can get, and he helps me be the best person I can be.
  • Simple things are sometimes the best things. A dance party when you clean your house, people watching at the mall,  sunshine, the feeling of freedom on skates. The beauty in life is in the simplicity of something that can bring a smile to your face. Life can get complicated, just stop and smell the roses once in a while.


10 years is a long time to figure things out, people grow and change, life moves quickly. I can only hope that in the next 10 years, the journey keeps taking me to amazing places. Let’s go!


Follow your bloody mother effin’ heart.

A long long time ago, I fell into this circle of friends… not quite entirely sure how I got there, but… there I was. Y’know those puzzle pieces that just, don’t quite fit… but you try to make it fit?

Yeah, that was me.

As my life fell apart… like it seemed to have done on a yearly basis between the ages of 18-21, I vividly remembered something that one of those so-called friends told me.

“There is more to life than cars.”

While I can agree with that, I will have to mention this…. without cars, my life wouldn’t be what it is now.

I have a bit of an obsessive quality in my personality, I get super-passionate about something and it becomes the only thing I can think about.. skating, wrestling, cars.. if I was interested in it, at one point.. it was the only thing I could think about. At that point in my life, my life was cars… I had just gotten my drivers license, I was attempting to save up for my first car. In my head, having a car meant freedom, it meant that the only rules I needed to abide by was the rules of the road (and we all know those rules are merely a guideline 😉 ).

Needless to say, those ‘friends’ I had didn’t stay my friends for much longer, and me… I said fuck it, and followed my heart. I wanted to work in Automotive Marketing, I wanted to be part of that industry… I worked my ass off, and everyone knows.. the harder you work, the luckier you get.

I got to be part of the automotive community in Calgary, a big part of the Mitsubishi scene in the 403, worked with dealers, clubs… I got to meet Dave, who I then moved out with and got to move on to much bigger and better things.

… all because I followed my bloody mother effing heart.

I look at the pieces of my life right now, things that people said I’d grow out of, things that people said were a phase… and I’ll be honest, I don’t see any of those, i see all the epic things that I’ve been able to do, amazing people and journeys that I’ve been able to go on…

… and all because what?


Nobody sees the world through your eyes, nobody knows how you process or what your motivations are. Find your feet, follow your path, because people WILL doubt you, people will think you’re crazy and obsessed, but y’know what.. that’s their energy they’re wasting.

You do you, and don’t worry about what anyone else says.




Yesterday it snowed in Kelowna, and it snowed so much that it broke a decades old record!


I love this type of weather when I don’t have anywhere to be, it was fun to watch the snow keep coming down and down, but not so fun shoveling the mass amounts of snow or poking the snow off of the Pinto tent. School was cancelled, highways were a mess, but everyone hunkered down and it doesn’t appear that there were any terrible accidents yesterday.

And now we wait for it to melt!

– Until then…


The C’s of Jamming

I have been asked recently for advice on how to be a better jammer. I’ve asked this advice of other skaters before, and I know I’m not the best jammer a’la Kim Janna, but  I’ve spent 2 years honing my jammer-skillz and am now a blammer for the Sun City Sirens! The game of derby has evolved so it’s not just the small speedy skaters that can be amazing jammers, but wrecking balls and all sorts of jamming techniques. I haven’t quite figured out what type of jammer I am (jukey, wrecking ball, juggarnaut, speed demon), but I like to think I’m a decent combination of all of those.

These are a few of my little jammer training C’s, things I like to think about in training and while jamming


Much like Zombieland, the very first rule is cardio.

Yes my dears, it’s cardio. You need to be able to move at high intensity for a short period of time and then be able to bring that intensity down for your lap around. Cardio is key, having the endurance to be able to be forced out, jump on your toe stops and then run back before you can get recycled too far is a lifesaver. By working on your cardio, you’ll ensure that you have the endurance and ability to enter the pack in a mostly-controlled state which also means that you will remain clean. You don’t know how satisfying it is to skate a game as a jammer and get zero penalties, and I can owe all of that to cardio.

Remember, when you’re tired, you’re not going to play as clean as when you are not as tired (man, that was a poorly written sentence.). I can attest to this, in my peak this year, I was able to jam and block games and get zero trips to the box, I recently played against the Revelstoke Derailers (last week) and I was coming off of an injury and not training as hard, and I got 4 penalties! Cardio not only helps jammers, it helps blockers!

Cardio keeps you clean!

tl;dr: think of the opposing blockers as zombies and RUN LIKE HELL!





Own it. Embrace it. You are a jammer.

There is quite the difference between HAVING to Jam and WANTING to Jam. I spent last season as a jammer, because I HAD to be one. I was still learning very much how to move my lighter body around, and at the same time, learning how to throw that body around people who were throwing their bodies at me. I was the skater who was one of the most agile on the team, so by default.. I became the jammer. It was a good way to cut my teeth at the art, but at the same time… the mindset wasn’t there. Fast forward to this year, my team has a wealth of skaters who could throw on the star at any point in time and do well in the position. This gave me the chance to explore jamming at my own pace, and through that I’ve figured out that I actually really like jamming.

I often look at a successful pass as me outsmarting not just 1, but 4 blockers. At some points in time, it’s you vs. 4 other skaters, at others, you have back up. There’s this amazing ebb and flow to jamming that you just kind of have to go with, and with confidence you can just go with the flow. I know I can move my skates like this, oh look a blocker has moved there, that’s okay, I’ll just contort myself into this position. Now when the time comes, I LOVE to jam, I love to play mind games, jamming makes me feel really good about myself and my skills on skates.

tl;dr: Do it because you want to, not because you have to!



You know that thing you really suck it? keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it until you can no longer do it wrong. Nobody got good at jamming  just by doing it once in a while, they kept hammering and hammering and doing it over and over again. Consistency is the key to success, simple having a training routine that remains consistent, maintaining consistent nutrition will help you on your journey.

I spend lots of time doing a skill over and over and over, sometimes the skill doesn’t make sense to people, but it’s something that I want to be able to put in my toolbox that I can bust out in the heat of the moment. Muscle memory is important in sport, nothing becomes a fast twitch motion until you’ve practiced it hundreds and hundreds of times.

tl:dr: Busted out an awesome pirouette? Do it again, and again, and again until you can’t get it wrong.



Really, it’s more like trying new things. I like to call it “science-ing” I find myself wanting to try all of the things on skates lately, and through those forays outside of my comfort zone, I find myself improving. I go online and look through bout footage, I read training blogs ( and watch animated gifs over and over again (yay!, I’ve even found myself on youtube looking at videos of skating that has nothing to do with derby to pull moves and body positions from there.

From youtube or various blogs, I find things I want to do on my skates and I try them, and sometimes they fail and I fall down and it sucks, and sometimes it’s amazing and I add it to my box of things I practice and practice and practice.

Creativity is an amazing thing!

tl:dr; SCIENCE!!


These are just a few of the little things I like to think about when I train for jamming (or am jamming), but this doesn’t say that none of these rules apply to a blocking! Now, go out there, work on your cardio, be confident, consistent and creative!!


Weekends Suck sometimes…

I love weekends. They provide me with time to get offline, do some crafting, skating.. time to clean the house.. all, great and wonderful things.

I also hate weekends… they tend to have a lack of routine, company coming, dinners out and time spent with my husband who has horrible eating habits (Sorry Dave :()

I managed to stick to eating properly for  an  entire 2 week period, I made good eating decisions. I was very active as well, but once the weekend hit… BAM, no routine, no preparation and I was eating not-so-great food and forgetting my daily water intake.

Box of Shame

All that hard work I managed to do in a 2 week period was wiped away by one long weekend of eating not as cleanly as I would’ve liked to. I remained active over the weekend (Skated Friday, Bootcamped on Saturday and did the stairs on Monday), but like Carly reminds me.. “You cannot out train a bad diet”

Weekends are hard on trying to eat clean, but I take the bad with the good and remember that not-so-long-ago I would’ve been eating far worse than I had been over the weekend, and that’s an accomplishment.

That being said, I wish it was the weekend already. 😦



A Sense of Balance…

Inspired by these blogs here:

I’m writing this because I am one of those players that they blog about.. I am competitive, I do train several days a week, I want to step out of my comfort zone and play higher level teams and strive to become the best roller derby player that I can make myself. That said, as a competitive player (on a team that emphasizes playing for the fun of it), it takes some finesse to create a sense of balance in my life. For me, while I do want to be the best and hopefully one day, skate with the best… balance is the key to survival.

As evidenced by this blog, I have several hobbies.. and apparently, I make it a hobby to collect more hobbies. I make cards, I work on / detail cars,  I now do autocross, I also spend at least 4-5 nights of my week either on skates training or doing crosstraining, along with being a wife, a homeowner, a dog mommy, a full-time web developer.. and also doing school part time.

I won’t lie, sometimes my life gets a little much for me.. so I have to check-out once in a while, but for the most part.. this is my madness and I kind of love it.

My weeks are very regimented. I’m up at 6 am to get ready for work and I commute about 30-45 minutes away from my home. After work, the activity of the night is dependant on the day of the week. Derby practices invade my Mondays/Saturdays (soon to come on Sundays), I train at a crossfit-style gym on Tuesdays, I do stair training on Wednesdays, Autocross Thursdays, Run day / home gym day on Friday, and Sunday is an open day. Throw in Games, homework, and real-life in there and soon you can see where balance is the key to survival.

How do I balance things? I sacrifice my after-party time at home games so that I can get home early to spend time with my husband and dog, I also keep a google calendar of my training dates and games and share it with my husband so he knows when we can squeeze in some time with the Pinto, or housework or whatever we need to do. If I know that a weekend coming up is quite full with the derby, I make it a point to clear my calendar the weekend prior (or week), to spend time with him, when I am not at Derby.. life is NOT derby, life is life.. if I’m working on the car, I’m working on the Car… if I’m at autocross.. my brain is only focused on cones and improving my times, and if I’m doing homework.. it’s homework time, time to focus.

That said, when it is derby time… It’s derby time. Everything else in the world goes away, personal problems that I have get shuttered off, I don’t think about the next autocross course, or when I’ll be mowing the lawn at home… I come to derby to play derby. Just like I go to the gym to train, for me.. that isn’t social hour, that is time that I am using to tune my body, to make it stronger and faster.

It takes all sorts of nuts to create a world like ours, especially the derby world… and I can, and always will appreciate the ladies who come to come to have fun.. they consistently remind me that Roller Derby is fun! They remind me of why I joined the sport to begin with, and while sometimes I may bash heads with them.. in the grand scheme of things, there will always be room for the athlete and the recreational player. By having these varying levels of players, we bring balance to each other – The athlete can train the rec players, and the rec players keep the sport fun to play … we all love and appreciate this sport, and no matter how much you work for it, at the end of the day.. it’s just that… Roller Derby.


Do Good Things


It’s short, and simple… and my goal for June… Do. Good. Things.

I feel like last month (May 2013) was a very negative month for me, I was feeling really down on myself about not losing enough weight and then getting sick and losing 3 games in a row (winning helps, I won’t lie). I started to really not care about things, I didn’t eat properly, I didn’t really take care of myself, on top of that I let this negative attitude bleed into everything else and I really affected a lot of my friends negatively.

So, for June… I’m going to be positive and I’m going to do good things.


Good Thing #1 – Eat Clean – So for the past week, I decided to let myself eat whatever the hell I wanted to eat.. sugars, starches.. pasta.. creams.. bad things. I thought in my head that if I just let my body enjoy this for a little while, I could get back and focus on the good clean basics of lean proteins and lots of greens.  Well, my body gave me the answer I wanted it to give me… it HATED all the bad food, it felt terrible and digestion was poor and there was no energy to be had. So.. to be good to my body, I’m going to Eat Clean. I’m going to follow the nutrition plan that Carly at Vo2Max Kelowna set out for me and take it each meal at a time. I now know for sure that my body liked the clean food, and the only thing that liked the bad food was my taste buds.. and sorry taste buds, you’re tiny in the grand scheme of my entire being!


Good Thing #2 – Unplug  – I will no longer be available for reaching after 9:00 pm. At that point in time, I will put down my phone, laptop, tablet and technology that connects me to the internet and unplug my brain.  I find that staying connected often bugs me out and keeps me awake at night, by unplugging.. I can offer myself a proper wind down at the end of the night and also learn to appreciate the world without technology.


Good Thing #3 – Dress up! – It helps to look good so that you can feel good, so I think dressing up and making myself feel and look pretty is a good thing! Feeling good about yourself can put a smile on your face, and a smile can be infectious!


Good Thing #4 – Be more open-minded and positive at work (at home and in general) – I emphasize the work environment because I know that I can get very set in my own routines and schedules that I forget that when I get set in those ways, the only person that gets upset and angry is myself, and if I just go with the flow and be positive and open minded, not only will others around me be happy, but in turn, I can feel happier about work and life in general!

A few more good things that don’t need a novel written about them:

– Reward myself with Stamping treats and nail treats instead of food

– Ride my bike once a week

– Make a card once a week

Hopefully I can do some good things in June, and I hope that you too can do some good things. What kind of good things do you want to do in June? Leave it in the comments below!



I may be looking forward to some movies…

The line up of films for 2013 is getting pretty awesome. After a very disappointing 2012 year of movies (and not wanting to see a great deal of movies – except for the Hunger Games), 2013 seems to be the year that I may need to purchase some movie passes. Here’s a list of amazing looking movies coming out in 2013 that I’m definitely looking forward to.

1) Pain and Gain – April 26, 2013

First piece of awesomeness – The Rock. Second Piece of awesomeness – Marky Mark. I’m not entirely sure what to expect from this movie, but since I’m kind of a meathead (I love to work out), and I love The Rock, I feel like this movie should be something to see! The film is loosely based on a true story about a brutal kidnapping, extortion and torture of organized criminals. This is a Micheal Bay film so it should be expected that it will be filled with action, explosions, sexy women (and men!). One thing left for me to wonder, how did they fit The Rock into a Fiero?

2) Iron Man 3 – May 3, 2013

I love Tony Stark. To me, he’s one of the best comic book badasses to ever exist. Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Stark is really breathes life into this great character. The 3rd movie pits Iron Man against the evil Mandarin. Expect some awesome one-liners from Mr. Stark himself, many (MANY) Iron Man suits, explosions, amazingness! I’m definitely looking forward to drooling over the high tech toys that they’ve imagined for Tony and crew. Iron Man holds a special place in my heart, as the first movie was the one Dave took me to on our first Kelowna Date!

3) The Great Gatsby – May 10, 2013

In high school, we were required to read The Great Gatsby as part of the English 30 curriculum. I’m not going to lie, I fell asleep in every class that we had to read it. I fell asleep when we watched the previous films… but this version has got me quite interested. In the capable hands of Baz Luhrmann, the film has taken on this new life with drama, emotion and action. The soundtrack to the trailers is captivating (I really enjoy the cover of “Happy Together” by Filter), and it looks like it’s going to be a very unique film this year.

4) Fast 6 – May 24, 2013

If you didn’t know that I was excited for this movie, you don’t know me very well. My brother and myself were raised on the Fast & Furious franchise, and we will never miss a film. The addition of The Rock to the cast was a genius movie and really revitalized the film series. I also love that Justin Lin really brought a different look and edge to the movies. This time around, Dom’s team is recruited to help Hobbs take down an elite band of vehicular vigilantes, and along the way… the dead, come back to life in the form of Letty… awesomely enough, Letty was one of my favorite characters in the franchise… a bad-ass bitch who loved cars more than most guys (c’mon.. is that not me?) I can’t wait to roll into the parking lot at the movie theatre and see all the ricey rides out for this film. Do I have gasoline in my blood? I might!

5) Pacific Rim – July 12, 2013

Not a sequel, not a remake… something unique. Pacific Rim features giant robots vs. giant aliens. The premise is that a portal has opened up beneath the Pacific Ocean to a different dimension and alien creatures have come through the portal and is terrorizing earth, these giant robots are created to fight these aliens and are controlled by humans. If  you’re a gamer you will recognize the robotic voice as GladOS from the Portal franchise (and the trailer features a portal!) I’m really excited to see this film because it was directed by Guillermo del Toro who’s vision and imagination has brought us Pan’s Labyrinth and likely the best looking Hellboy – Hellboy: The Golden Army. It is truly a unique beast which is quite rare in films these days, and I can’t wait to see some robots kick alien ass!

6) The Wolverine – July 26, 2013

The first Wolverine film was a great disappointment, they strayed so far away from the Origin timeline that I was annoyed right off of the get go. I am a Wolverine fan girl, I’ve loved him since I was very little. He’s this short, angry, Canadian super hero that has such a complex backstory and bad ass mutant power. I mean, really.. who wouldn’t want an adamantium laced skeleton, healing factor AND animal-like senses? His character had so many different motivations and story possibilities, so the first movie really disappointed me. In the second Wolverine film, we are transported to his time spent in Japan. Japan serves as a significant part of Wolverine’s life, as this is where he meets one of his lovers, Mariko. This movie does take place AFTER The Last Stand (so go watch it before you watch this one), and will feature modern day Wolverine vs. Samurai Wolverine. I’m a little skeptical of how this movie will play out, but since Wolverine is my favorite X-Man, I will be watching this movie for sure.

7) Kick ass 2 – August 16, 2013

WARNING: Red Band Trailer

Chloe Moretz was the shining star in the first Kick Ass film, her portrayal of Hit Girl really made the movie for me, she shone above and beyond the other characters in the film. The original film was really well done, and took dark comic book matter and made it work. The second film expands the collection of “super” heroes we do follow, and continues the relationship between Kick Ass and Hit Girl. Again, Chloe Moretz looks like she really shines in this film (I really, really want that purple motorcycle), and the addition of Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes looks like an awesome move for the cast. The world of Kick Ass reminds me of the world of Derby, just regular people who dress up and do awesome things!

8) Ender’s Game – November 1, 2013


There is no trailer for this film yet… but the excitement for this film has been building for years. Ender’s Game is easily the most anticipated film of this year in my books. Based on the sci-fi novel (Ender’s Game) by Orson Scott Card, this film takes place in the future where alien Buggers are set to invade earth, and the only ones standing in the way are highly trained children. As part of the Grade 9 english curriculum, we were required to read this novel, and it was a great novel to study. I’ve read it multiple times over the years and I still love the story and characters. The central character is Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, an intelligent child that is recruited into a program to train future commanders to take on the Bugger Army. The book explores the subjects of politics, space travel, war, innocence and growing up in many themes and fashions and is a wonderful read. I can’t wait to see how Hollywood envisions the novel. This movie has been years in the making, and hopefully Card has made the right choice in studios and screenwriters for his beloved novel.

9) Thor: The Dark world – November 8, 2013

Loki. Loki. and Loki. That’s who I am looking forward the most in this film. The second of the “Avenger”-franchise movies to come out in 2013 (Iron Man 3 being the first), Thor: The Dark World continues Thor’s story after the end of Avengers, and sees Thor have to battle to save the Nine Realms from a mysterious enemy older than the universe itself. All of the characters are back from the first film (even Natalie Portman, which I was impressed with), and of course… Loki! Loki has become one of my favorite elements in the Thor/Avengers world, he’s a wild card and you never really know what’s bubbling underneath the surface with him. Loki is smartly played by Tom Hiddleston, and he breathes life into this Norse god… he is a tortured character, but has such charisma. Also, I feel like he should be dropping the bass at the end of the trailer. (*cough*Skrillex*cough*)

10) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – November 22, 2013

The continuation of the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire takes place immediately after the first movie, and starts with the Victor’s tour, and ends with the Quarter Quell. I had the pleasure of reading the Hunger Games series before the books had a following (I’m so hipster…), and Catching fire is a great novel with lots of suspense (I think I finished it in a day). Again, the movie explores the difficulty of life in the public eye with government pressure, and of course, a battle royale inside of a dome of death!! Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss Everdeen has been on point in my eyes, she was who I pictured while reading the novels. This movie serves to build some drama that will lead to the climactic end of series – Mockingjay. If you haven’t read (or seen) the Hunger Games, I highly suggest it!

11) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – December 13, 2013


This is part 2 of the Hobbit series from Peter Jackson, the director of the hugely successful Lord of the Rings franchise. The Desolation of Smaug continues on from the conclusion of an Unexpected Journey, and continues the quest of Bilbo Baggins and the company of dwarves that he has joined. Everyone knows the story, but not everyone knows the many side stories that Jackson has chosen to include in the films (myself included), this would be why the Hobbit, a very thin book compared to the Lord of the Rings, is now spanning 3 movies. Aside from the obvious cash grab that this franchise is, I will admit that the films are well done and really suck the audience into the world of Middle-Earth. Each character is well acted, and the stories are timeless. I’m looking forward to this continuation, but because it is the 2nd of 3 movies… it will likely not have a definite conclusion point, and will probably leave me feeling very frustrated.

That’s 11 (!!) movies that I’m looking forward to seeing this year, not to mention ones that I have not yet seen trailers for, and I can’t wait to be enjoying these movies in the theatre or in the comfort of my own home theatre. Definitely going to need to get myself some movie passes for this year, and maybe a few of these movies will pop up as reviews on my blog in the future.

See you at the Movies!


Just Keep Swimming

“Just Keep Swimming” – Something said by a little blue fish in a wonderful little movie, Finding Nemo.

That little phrase has become a motto of sorts for myself lately, in many aspects.

Jamming for 2 minutes – Just keep swimming! (but don’t literally swim through the pack, you’ll get a penalty.)

Running stairs? Just keep swimming!

Coding a website due yesterday? Just keep swimming!

Going through bad times in your life? Just keep swimming!

It’s simple, and wise… just keep swimming, just keep moving forward and soon, you will reach your finish line.

A great example would be this:

A lovely 10 KM bike ride!

A lovely 10 KM bike ride!

Last year, I started to dabble in some bike riding, just here and there.. to the mall, grocery store.. small jaunts, what have you. Well, at the K City Rollers Christmas party, I decided to make the pledge that I would try to bike to every single practice possible in 2013. The route from my home to the practice venue is approximately 10 kilometers and it takes me about 40-50 minutes to ride.

At some points, I’d be so tired from biking to practice, practicing and then be on my way home thinking to myself “why the hell did I decide to do this?”

… and then a little voice will say “Just keep swimming… just keep swimming” and I keep repeating that to myself with every push of the pedal, because every little pedal gets me that much closer to my destination.

of course, then we face this:

Oh, the Stairs

Another challenge that gets the little “just keep swimming” voice to come out. Step-by-step, one at a time.. until I’ve reached the top.

Remember, nothing happens unless you “keep swimming!” Move forward and work towards your goals, and you too can reach your finish line.


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