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Follow your bloody mother effin’ heart.

A long long time ago, I fell into this circle of friends… not quite entirely sure how I got there, but… there I was. Y’know those puzzle pieces that just, don’t quite fit… but you try to make it fit?

Yeah, that was me.

As my life fell apart… like it seemed to have done on a yearly basis between the ages of 18-21, I vividly remembered something that one of those so-called friends told me.

“There is more to life than cars.”

While I can agree with that, I will have to mention this…. without cars, my life wouldn’t be what it is now.

I have a bit of an obsessive quality in my personality, I get super-passionate about something and it becomes the only thing I can think about.. skating, wrestling, cars.. if I was interested in it, at one point.. it was the only thing I could think about. At that point in my life, my life was cars… I had just gotten my drivers license, I was attempting to save up for my first car. In my head, having a car meant freedom, it meant that the only rules I needed to abide by was the rules of the road (and we all know those rules are merely a guideline šŸ˜‰ ).

Needless to say, those ‘friends’ I had didn’t stay my friends for much longer, and me… I said fuck it, and followed my heart. I wanted to work in Automotive Marketing, I wanted to be part of that industry… I worked my ass off, and everyone knows.. the harder you work, the luckier you get.

I got to be part of the automotive community in Calgary, a big part of the Mitsubishi scene in the 403, worked with dealers, clubs… I got to meet Dave, who I then moved out with and got to move on to much bigger and better things.

… all because I followed my bloody mother effing heart.

I look at the pieces of my life right now, things that people said I’d grow out of, things that people said were a phase… and I’ll be honest, I don’t see any of those, i see all the epic things that I’ve been able to do, amazing people and journeys that I’ve been able to go on…

… and all because what?


Nobody sees the world through your eyes, nobody knows how you process or what your motivations are. Find your feet, follow your path, because people WILL doubt you, people will think you’re crazy and obsessed, but y’know what.. that’s their energy they’re wasting.

You do you, and don’t worry about what anyone else says.




An open letter to – Part 2


If you recall, I wrote an open letter on my blog a few years ago (found here: Well, I’m writing to you yet again.

News outletsAbove is an example of your ‘news’ reporting versus the real news being reported by Global News Okanagan. Both Links here (ĀĀ and hereĀ Both stories involve the same incident, but while one news outlet simply reports the news, the other puts the “high speed” spin to the story.

Even simply looking at the headline, you see the vast difference in the quality of reporting on Castanet, even before the reader reads the article, they are pre-disposed into thinking that it’s yet again, another wreckless driver speeding on our public roads (Oh, won’t somebody think of the children?!), the Global News article simply states that a vehicle has crashed into the tree and that two people were sent to the hospital, no assumption, just stating the facts.

When you delve further into the article, you realize that Global News has gone through the scene and asked questions and gathered facts about the accident, whereas Castanet has hashed together a story quickly in order to post it first. Remember kids, it’s all about quality… not quantity!

I’m not going to lie, I do visit daily, a few times a day.. but it is simply to view the headlines, laugh at their lack of progress and then right over to Global News to actually read the news articles. Castanet still has not changed their layout, there’s still glaringly painful ads bashing me in the eyeballs upon page load (and god forbid you try to load the site on your phone, they turn into magical animated GIFS!), headlines are often misleading and articles are still filled with rushed together content that needs to be edited and updated AFTER the content is published.

It’s probably weird to admit that looking at Castanet’s website actually makes me angry, it makes me angry that it is so successful, yet is not accountable for it’s poorly written articles, boring original content, and horrible web layout. It makes me angry that Castanet has survived for so long, but then I realize that with the ebb and flow of the internet, Castanet’s days are numbered. Global News and Shaw have created an easy to read (on ANY device) news digest that I can quickly look at (and it’s not painful to look at) and get what I need out of the news. Content is held to the standards of the Canadian Press and videos are done professionally with real video equipment (not shot on an iPad), for me, yes.. Castanet may have the ‘exclusive’ story first, but Global News will have the story correct and properly written.

So, Castanet, I bid you adieu again.. and hope that someday, maybe you too can join us in the modern age.



Weekends Suck sometimes…

I love weekends. They provide me with time to get offline, do some crafting, skating.. time to clean the house.. all, great and wonderful things.

I also hate weekends… they tend to have a lack of routine, company coming, dinners out and time spent with my husband who has horrible eating habits (Sorry Dave :()

I managed to stick to eating properly forĀ  anĀ  entire 2 week period, I made good eating decisions. I was very active as well, but once the weekend hit… BAM, no routine, no preparation and I was eating not-so-great food and forgetting my daily water intake.

Box of Shame

All that hard work I managed to do in a 2 week period was wiped away by one long weekend of eating not as cleanly as I would’ve liked to. I remained active over the weekend (Skated Friday, Bootcamped on Saturday and did the stairs on Monday), but like Carly reminds me.. “You cannot out train a bad diet”

Weekends are hard on trying to eat clean, but I take the bad with the good and remember that not-so-long-ago I would’ve been eating far worse than I had been over the weekend, and that’s an accomplishment.

That being said, I wish it was the weekend already. šŸ˜¦



An open letter to

Dear Castanet,

I log on to your “news” website daily, and I find myself bombarded by ads, colours and different weights of text. I cannot even begin to fathom to where to start looking. I understand your need to have optimal space for advertising, but is there a need to overwhelm the user with at least 4 different flash ads on page load? What happened to the effectiveness or simplicity of static ads? Flash ads cause the user’s system to slowdown, and therefore creates an unnecessary load on your page. Oh, did I mention that most iPhone, iPad and mobileĀ  users don’t have flash capabilities?.. that’s just a minor detail considering that the web is now mobile and most viewers can see your website from anywhere on any device.

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It Doesn’t Matter!!

Yesterday was the Federal Election here in Canada, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month. The Liberals and the NDP found Stephen Harper in contempt of Parliment and forced an election.

I, for one, don’t agree with a forced election. What an astronomical waste of taxpayer money so that what? Mr. Ignatieff can overthrow the almighty Harper? OMGZ. Canada’s economy is only recently recovering, and it’s a fucking waste of money to have an election so soon after a previous one… but I digress.

Last night was an amazing night for both the Conservative and the NDP party, both parties made great gains within the government… while the Liberals and Bloc fell short of their expectations. Even Mr. Ignatieff was defeated in his own riding.

For the second time in my adult life, I was able to cast a ballot to decide the fate of our country. A right that some have lost their lives for… one that none too many take advantage of. I did my research prior to voting, went to the polling station with my husband and voted for the party I felt that I identified with at that point in time. We went home and watched the final moments of the election on the television.

We watched as the Bloc were outed in favour of the NDP in Quebec, how the previously Liberal stronghold of Southern Ontario got very blue…. and how quickly a Conservative Majority was piling up. The goal of the election was not met, and those wanting Stephen Harper out of power could not rile enough people to vote.

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The CRTC approves usage based billing

Just when you thought Canada couldn’t get more expensive to live in, it’s going to get even more pricey. Canada boasts the least accessible mobile phone network with some of the highest prices in the world to own a cell phone. Even acquiring a Cellular phone in a third world country is easier, and far cheaper! Across the border, Canadians look on with envy as Americans are offered unlimited data plans.. multiple providers and decent pricing.. as well as faster connections and there’s always the new 4G wireless internet on mobile phones.

This week, the CRTC decided to support big business in Canada by approving “Usage Based Billing” for Internet providers such as Shaw, Rogers, Bell and Telus. This is a big blow to smaller internet providers as well, as they use the infrastructure of the big business to support their network.Ā  This move really shows that the CRTC is against a well-informed populous… the more expensive it is for the regular joe to access the internet, the harder it will be for that regular joe to be privy to all the information stored on the internet.

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Modern Men go beyond sports…

This is a response to a recently published article found here:

In this article, the writer speaks of how men are completely enthralled by their sports, and how women sit upstairs.. bored without anything to engage their minds. This, of course, is a very old and archaic stereotype that needs to be broken.

In my marriage, only a mere 7 month long affair so far, we have 2 individuals… one likes to game, and one likes to play sport. Can you tell me which one is which?

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