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The great Chef’s Plate experiment

You’ve seen the ads on facebook, they proclaim fresh groceries and a meal kit delivered to your door once a week with delicious recipes to try. For ~$50/ week, you can feed 2 people twice a week.

I tossed the idea of Chef’s plate back and forth in my head to try out, or not. at $50/week it’s a little pricey – but with the bonus of trying new recipes, it may work out to be an education in cooking (albeit a very self-taught education).

I signed up, but didn’t buy any meals until the “Filipino Chicken Adobo” landed in my inbox, and then it was time to try it out. I ended up finding a coupon code online to get 2 plates for free (essentially a free meal), and anxiously awaited the delivery of the box of food.img_20170228_124818

(PS – if you’re interested in trying this service out, check out my referral link which offers you 3 free plates with your first order:

The box showed up on Tuesday afternoon, it was really well packaged – it’s a fridge-type box so there’s all manners of padding and an ice pack within the box to keep your food fresh. Read the rest of this entry


Iron Man 3: Anxiety attacks, awesome suits and a wicked film


Iron Man 1 was about Iron man, his origin and how the suit was developed. Iron Man 2 delved into the psyche of the man inside the suit… but Iron Man 3 is a full-exploration of what goes on in the head of Tony Stark.

I went into the movie with lower expectations for plot and character developing, and high expectations for eye candy. I was not disappointed.

The film takes place after the events of The Avengers, and it greatly explores the toll that the battle in New York has taken on Tony. We find our main character unable to sleep, and in an endless mode of tinkering with his iron suits. Pepper has taken to her role as the CEO  of Stark Industries, even  Happy has moved on from being Tony’s valet to the head of security for Stark Industries.

We explore a bit of Tony’s past in the film as well, with a flash back to 1999… which helps to serve as a plot point. We learn more about Tony Stark in this film than in any previous film before. To me, he now becomes a well-rounded character in the Marvel-Movie universe. He now suffers from anxiety attacks triggered by PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress disorder), after the attacks in New York, at the start of the film he is quite vulnerable, but we find as the film goes on that he needs to reassure to himself that he is the confident Iron Man, and that his destiny is within his control.


The various suits that Tony has in his collection are amazing, and the final climactic scene is definitely really well done. The imagination that goes into the creation of the suits really astounds me, and I was overall very impressed with the visual effects in the film. Like I said in my “Movies I want to watch” post, I was very excited to see what sort of technology they had in store for viewers and for Tony and I was definitely not let down. The UI design in all 3 of the Iron Man films is breathtaking and I can only hope that I can design UI like that some day.

Like the other Iron Man films, there is a lot of witty quips from Tony himself, and a few awesome interjections from JARVIS.. his AI butler. JARVIS plays a really significant role in this film, and for a character who is simply a voice and nothing more he really adds an awesome touch to the movie.


If you are an RDJ fan, and are hoping for lots of RDJ-goodness.. this film is definitely for you. He portrays Tony Stark really well, and has some amazing moments on-screen.

Overall, if you’re into Iron Man, and you liked all of the previous films.. you will not be let down by this one. I feel like this film was better than the second one, but not quite as good as the first film. I really enjoyed the storyline and felt sad for Tony in his desperation. I did not view the film in 3D, and I don’t think that my experience was diminished by this fact.

Until then…


Tron is Epic.

Wait, let me correct myself..

Tron Legacy is Epic.

Let me correct myself again..

The soundtrack to Tron Legacy is Epic.

I guess you could classify me as a moderate geek, I love all things technology-related, and have an affinity for the Blackberry brand. I am a console gamer.. but the biggest thing I am a geek about is, ReBoot.

Yes, ReBoot.. it's awesome!

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